Keren’s Blog

Oct 2018

And the sailor sang too…

Sometimes you walk into a place to sing, and everyone’s happy and content already. So it happened on Monday, when I arrived at a care home in Liss.

Chatting to the guys whilst setting up, I held the hand of one lady briefly, who was already looking forward to the music. Let’s call her Mavis for the purposes of this blog.

“Hello Mavis, you like the singing, don’t you? Are you going to sing and dance today?”  “Oh, yes” she replied, adding something I couldn’t quite make out, her eyes smiling back at me.

As soon as I turned on the music and began to sing, the lady was singing along gently, a light happy sound that is in tune. Her hands were dancing along, conducting if you like.

One of the carers, who really likes to dance and sing, brought Mavis to standing and they danced through two or three lively numbers.

Some way through the set, a carer found Mavis’ hat – a Captain’s cap that she likes to wear.  So, there is dear Mavis, sitting conducting and singing along, with a cap askew over one eye.  My heart glows with contentment. 

When the residents enjoy the music, then you see the carers notice, watching their wards, smiling while they are writing up their notes.

I smile too, inside and outwards. Bringing joy and love into the room is such a rewarding occupation.

Work?  Yes, but good work.  “Nice work if you can get it”, so the saying goes.